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The best prices on the world market !

Trading leader in solar panels and inverters.

Emat Energy, a major market player in the photovoltaic, is present on 5 continents: Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania.

Trust to Emat Energy for your solar energy needs.

Welcome to Emat Energy, the world’s leading distributor of solar equipment wholesaler Global purchasing and manufacturers of photovoltaic power plants.

Since 15 years, our core business is the supply of solar panels and inverters to EPCs, investors who join forces to acquire large PV plants.

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We are specialized in solar equipment trading, while guaranteeing a permanent stock availability, and we are able to offer any quantity required on all 5 continents, with record delivery times and the lowest prices on the market.

Emat Energy can support you in repowering and upgrading your photovoltaic solar plant, in destocking large quantities of solar energy equipment at very low prices, but also in buying back of your stocks of solar panels and inverters.

At Emat Energy we are commited to provide innovative and sustainable energy solution at the lowest prices.

Emat Energy, a trusted partner in the solar energy sector, which has been able to satisfy since its creation more than 2,000 professionals in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Our expertise extends to the supply of solar equipment and the destocking of solar plants, thereby providing solar solutions everywhere , even at remote places, by air, sea, land or rail.

The Emat Energy expert team made up of a representative in each country, is ready to offer you personalized support is a source of pride.

Emat Energy’s presence for 15 years attests to our commitment to excellence and growth in the field of solar energy.”



Equipment repurchases


Expert in the trading of photovoltaic equipment, Emat Energy supplies among the best brands (Eco Delta, Hyundaï, Trina Solar, Canadian solar, Ja Solar, Huawei, Fimer, Fronius, Sungrow…), a wide range of high-performance solar panels and inverters in annual volumes of several tens of megawatts .

Renowned all over the world, Emat Energy stands out for its extremely competitive pricing policy.

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations and the best products available, we provide our many customers with tailor-made solutions to meet their requirements, whatever the quantity needed.

At Emat Energy, profitability in your purchasing process is our top priorities .
Through solid expertise and our ability to analyze ever-changing market trends, we  will able to offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to market-leading quality guarantees you reliable, high-performance products at unbeatable global prices, with exceptional customer service.

Contact us on 04 78 06 43 92 or 06 11 97 83 01.”

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Emat Energy, the worldwide reference in solar panel and inverter destocking.

We offer a wide selection of products in large quantities at unbeatable prices, thanks to our solid network of suppliers and our expertise.

Each destocked product meets rigorous quality standards, while offering substantial savings.

Don’t miss our limited-time clearance offers.
Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire large quantities of solar panels and inverters at competitive prices, maximizing your return on investment.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction is essential.

Browse our online catalog and contact us to take advantage of the best prices on the market and make significant savings on your solar projects.


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Discover our brands and products


Discover our wide selection of products


Don’t let your money sleep, and convert your stock of unused solar equipment into immediate cash.

At Emat Energy, we believe in the value of old equipment and are committed to reusing it responsibly.

Our strength in the world photovoltaic market is the buy-back and recovery of old and new panels, most of which are discarded or recycled at considerable cost.

Emat Energy intervenes in the following situations:

  • A manufacturer’s need to release stock of solar material no longer conformed.
  • Class B and class C.
  • Unused equipment subsequent the cancellation of a central order contract, which is the case once in ten.
  • Previous or new repowering, to replace all or part of old energy infrastructures with new, more efficient and reliable ones.
  • Equipment stuck in customs

Once you have submitted to us all details of your stock, our world-renowned expertise in the solar industry will enable to assessing precisely the value of your equipment, of its quality and condition, and allow us to provide you with a competitive quotation.
This may be deducted from the total cost of repowering, depending on the equipment taken back.

Contact Emat Energy to obtain a competitive buy-back offer,

We are especially proud of our initiative to send recovered equipment to developing countries.
In such regions, there is no need for high-performance or aesthetic equipment, just equipment that works reliably and efficiently.

Choosing Emat Energy, you’re not only contributing to the global energy transition, you’re also helping to provide energy to the communities that needed it most.”

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