Don’t let your money sleep, and convert your stock of unused solar equipment into immediate cash.

At Emat Energy, we believe in the value of old equipment and are committed to reusing it responsibly.

Our strength in the world photovoltaic market is the buy-back and recovery of old and new panels, most of which are discarded or recycled at considerable cost.

Emat Energy intervenes in the following situations:

  • A manufacturer’s need to release stock of solar material no longer conformed.
  • Class B and class C.
  • Unused equipment subsequent the cancellation of a central order contract, which is the case once in ten.
  • Previous or new repowering, to replace all or part of old energy infrastructures with new, more efficient and reliable ones.
  • Equipment stuck in customs

Once you have submitted to us all details of your stock, our world-renowned expertise in the solar industry will enable to assessing precisely the value of your equipment, of its quality and condition, and allow us to provide you with a competitive quotation.
This may be deducted from the total cost of repowering, depending on the equipment taken back.

Contact Emat Energy to obtain a competitive buy-back offer

    We are especially proud of our initiative to send recovered equipment to developing countries. 

    In such regions, there is no need for high-performance or aesthetic equipment, just equipment that works reliably and efficiently.

    Choosing Emat Energy, you’re not only contributing to the global energy transition, you’re also helping to provide energy to the communities that needed it most.”

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